Pharrell x Adidas Original HU NMD TRAIL True and Fake Comparison


After the successes of joint series of Pharrell and Adidas, two sides almost push some exciting design in every season. The end of last year, Pharrell x Adidas original HU NMD TRAIL series has brought about a little attention. This series lasts personality and softness shoe body construction uses outdoor performance super sense of jagged outsole and colorful color on shoe model.

Every channel is urgently stocking for having Pharrell x Adidas original HU NMD TRAIL series because it is very suited for summer wearing and matching. Of course, there exist a few fake retailers in shoes selling market. The colorway is reviving in this summer but people always think this colorway will be stagnant. Today. I pick this turquoise colorways as the current true and false distinction cases.



We can’t see any difference when we attain true or fake shoes in all case.

We can clearly see all authentic shoes whose sewing and letter on upper are perfectly depict but fake shoes are rough sewing that haven’t any texture. Besides, authentic and false shoes exist color difference.



In terms of Black and orange sole, fake’s orange is lighter. The big distinction is that fake adopts the same tone of the body in shoe heel inside.

TPU of the shoe inside bracket appears light yellow compared to stable color blocks.



The outside of shoe body has a great comparison.


The genuine is light pink but fake is deep pink that looks like Peppa Pig’s pink. Under the flashlight, the genuine almost don’t see the yellow line under Adidas clover but fake is still distinct.


In the description of the sole, we can’t see any differences between authentic and fake shoes.


As for details, the top right corner of QR code lacks a piece and the thickness of shoe has some distance with true.



The truth is more elaborate in font depict.

You will find right Fake is entirely bogus if you remember the sequence of true fonts.





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