The“nijigen” Sneaker Is A New Fashion.


The style of nijigen has prevailed in the sneaker circle that endowed the new soul and made the sneaker under the foot more unique and distinctive.


Early we see the nijigen customization that mainly includes black an white. but Astrotorf Custom has recently achieved the lightning AJ1 of a kind of colorful manga style.



The colorway scheme is jointly the lightning colorway of Hiroshi Fujiwara that is the style of colorful manga manuscript and imitates the features and gloss effect of a manga. The lateral side is the white and the interior is still black which is like an uncompleted manga and vivid and realistic.

This pair of black and white nigigen style has become a trend that often occurs on the social networks and streets.


This collection is very distinct due to its nijigen theme and this pair of “Chicago” uses the manuscript style that doesn’t have the flat visual sense of the black and white, but it is the guarantee of return rate.




Air Force 1

Unlike the other simple nijigen , the pair adds the shadow area effect of grey that makes the shoe seem to be going out from the books and brings a magic visual impact.

Air Force 1


The most expensive of nijigent

Virgil Abloh x Nike Blazer Studio Mid has a super high popularity and derives from nijigent idea. HZP customized team of sneaker expresses the pair has been the most expensive sneaker so far.

The simple lines outline, shadow, and high light paint, giving the soul to it and going out from the manga seemingly that is full of excellent impact effect and deep impression. You must be unique if you put on this pair.


The new design of white and blue shoe recently has unveiled and its original model adopts the most popular AIR JORDAN 1. besides, it is the newest and unreleased the pure white shoe model in 2018.

Using the blue to outline the line of shoe body and embellishing the red tag of the joint slogan which is more refreshing and fashionable with compared to the previous the construction of black and white, its recognization degree is absolutely is brilliant.




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