What does SPLY-350 on Yeezy mean?You wear it for so long today should know!

In this year, many luxury brands and trendy brands have become extremely popular because of the same design element!

BALENCIAGA and OFF-WHITE the sudden emergence of new products Dior and Gucci become a popular style, the king of the trend street Supreme become a guarantee of appreciation, are closely related with its existence!

This gives countless single product personality and recognition of the design element is: slogan!

Slogan why can become the hottest trend element?

Because it is the simplest and most direct to convey your brand image and spirit to you, and the slogan is unique and extremely representative, making it easy to remember and impressed.

This design element in the last two years, the shoe ring has become the trend of the trend, although a slogan may seem simple, but the spirit behind it is a little bit too!

What does “SPLY” printed on the Yeezy 350 all over the world, mean?

Even now Yeezys popularity is recognized throughout the shoe ring,but editor believe there are still many people do not know Yeezy 350 on the “SPLY” in the end what is the meaning,there are also several versions of the Internet,some people say that “supply” logogram,but editor think that many of the most authoritative and rich cultural atmosphere is “Saint Pablo Loves You” acronym.

If you understand Kan,it is not hard to see that the term Pablo often appears in Kan’s work and design,Saint Pablo is a manifestation and interpretation of Kan’s life spirits.A simple slogan gives Yeezy the real trendy spirit.

In addition to Kan,another with cargo king with adidas signing is Pharrell Williams,the joint adidas NMD HU is also a pair of double up,in addition to the bright colors is one of the major features,striking and unique slogan embroidery is one of the reasons people are sought after.

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